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Case Studies - WD Vending Systems Inc.

The Challenge:

WD Vending Systems Inc. was having trouble with their current supplier. The parts were always late with inconsistent part quality and finish. This resulted in many problems during assembly. These issues slowed production and only 200 or so machines could be produced in a month.


What Fabcrest Brought to the Project:

First we assessed the machine without being apprised of any of the issues WD Vending was facing. We were able to not only identify all of the problems WD Vending were aware of, we found additional problems with the current design and construction of the machines.

Through our redesign process the issues with the machines were addressed. We were able to make additional suggestions on packaging to ensure a scratch-free and damage-free delivery.

We then took over manufacturing of all the metal parts, handling of the inventory of all outsourced plastic components, and graphics. Further to that we provided of all the assembly, quality and function inspections services as well as packing and shipping on behalf of the customer. In fact, all that WD Vending had to do was tell us their customer’s name, the number of machines required and the shipping address. Every step of production was taken care of.


The Results:

We were able to take over the entire machine life cycle from start to finish. Where WD Vending’s output of machines was 200 per month with their previous supplier, our output was 2000 per month (a 10x increase in production while also improving quality of final products). But it must be mentioned that with over 15,000 machines produced, not ONE had a defect. Nothing left the factory that was not in perfect working condition.

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