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Painting/Powder Coating

The devil’s in the details... and the finish process
is all details

In all the steps of the fabrication process, finishing parts is the one area that gives most companies their greatest challenge.

Video tour of our Custom Developed Powder Coating Process with Fabcrest Metal's Director of Operations, Steven De Domenico.

The wrong way to finish parts

In most cases, fabricators send parts out to a painting facility to be finished, and that in itself, is what causes all the problems.

Common issues with sourcing a fabricator and paint company separately include:

  • Production delays caused by having to schedule and manage a fabrication company, the shipping company and the painting company.
  • Additional costs associated with shipping parts to and from the painting facility (ie. transportation, office administration, multiple purchase orders).
  • Products can be damaged in shipping to the paint company. Then risk further damage and scratches on the way back to the fabrication company for assembly.
  • Inconsistency in finish - in many cases because of scheduling, fabricators will send parts to different painting companies depending on who has production capacity to fill - resulting in variances in colour and finish.

The Fabcrest way of finishing parts

Our custom developed paint-line is in the same facility as the rest of the fabrication process, the benefits for our customers are:

Zero production delays and transportation fees - parts don’t have to be shipped and we manage the production schedule for both fabrication and finishing saving you time and money.

Only one point of contact for you - this means you can pick up the phone, place one call and not have to waste time making arrangements with multiple suppliers.

We ensure consistency of finish - even with multiple parts that are painted on different days, sometimes weeks. When the parts are assembled you can’t tell they were painted at different times - there is flawless consistency.

Wide range of colours and textures - we understand that esthetics are important in marketing and selling products - that’s why we offer a wide range of colours and textures and a custom colour matching service.

For more information about our custom developed powder coating process please contact us directly.

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