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What we manufacture

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Engineering & Innovation

Before the first part is ever punched...

For over 20 years Fabcrest has been producing parts of the highest standards. Every time we’re sent drawings, a prototype, or given an idea, we leverage our extensive knowledge and years of experience to ensure we are creating the part to match our high standards.

Video tour of our Engineering & Innovation Process with Fabcrest Metal's Director of Operations, Steven De Domenico.

Motives for creating efficiencies

When designing a product or developing a prototype, there are many reasons for creating efficiencies.

  • Changing design to reduce costs in materials,manufacturing or assembling.
  • Creating a stronger product
  • Creating a lighter product which saves in shipping
  • Changing design to simplify it’s installation
  • Changing design to improve function


There is always a better way to develop a part. And when you have the knowledge, the technology and the staff to back it up - you can be sure every part we create is of the highest quality.


Our clients approach us in one of three ways:

  • The drawings come to us and we make suggestions for improvements
  • We get the drawings and everything works perfectly
  • Customers approach us with an idea, sketch or existing product and we put it to paper, find efficacies in the production and assembly process, and make it a reality


For more information about our design, engineering & innvovation services, please contact us directly.

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