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Early on we realized that investing in automated technology and knowledgeable staff would allow us to create products that far surpassed our competition in terms of quality and consistency. This is most evident in the areas of Punching and Forming.

Video tour of our Punching Process with Fabcrest Metal's Director of Operations,
Steven De Domenico.

The Process of Punching

When you’re sourcing a supplier, what makes one company stand out over the rest? Anyone can buy technology, but is an expensive piece of equipment enough? In the world of fabrication - a part can be created 5000 times the right way, or you could find yourself with 5000 parts that don’t work.

1. Knowledge – When you combine 40 years of manufacturing expertise of Founder, Fabian De Domenico, over 20 years from Director of Operations, Steve De Domenico and an additional 20 years from our Senior Punching Technician, you have over 80 years of combined experience. This is just one reason we are confident in our abilities to produce the parts right, every single time.

2. Performance – At accelerated speeds and unprecedented levels of accuracy, our machines perform multiple operations simultaneously. That means shorter cycles, greater throughput and lower costs.

3. Nesting - Our machines can work with larger than standard sheets of steel. When you combine this with strategic nesting of parts, you maximize the yield per cycle – the result is more parts and less waste.

4. Precision - When you add our years of experience with our leading class equipment, the result is extremely tight tolerances - the part quality is exceptional.

5. Advanced Automation - Our automated machines can run lights-out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reducing labour costs.

For more information about our punching process, equipment and our capabilities, please contact us directly.

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