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Custom Projects/Orders

Inventory Control & Release - “Just in Time” Production Support

Our “Just in Time” support is one of our most popular offerings. This process allows us to pre-anticipate our ongoing customers’ requirements and release parts – on an “as needed” basis.

For example, a client will order 12,000 parts over a 12 month period, but will only need 1,000 finished parts per month. Rather than produce all 12,000 units and force the client to store the surplus - we will keep an inventory of parts at different stages of production and will only assemble, finish and ship what the customer requires at any given time.

This is a huge benefit for our customers, as they don’t have to store completed, packaged products. As well, customers receive the high volume price, but only pay for the products as they are shipped. Fabcrest carries all of the costs associated with the inventory stock.

And possibly the largest benefit to our customers, is should they experience a sudden surge in demand, additional parts can be assembled, finished and shipped right away. Their parts are just a phone call away.


Large Runs

For large runs, no other production process can compare with our automated punching and forming machines. These “lights out” machines can run 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The automated punching machine accommodates larger sheets of steel - this increases the yield, shortens the punching time, and minimizes the scrap from every sheet of steel. Automated bending offers the same precision and production efficiencies.

Large runs offer volume pricing and consistent part quality. Along with these benefits, Fabcrest offers customization within long runs, and the flexibility of accommodating small changes midway through a blanket order.

Short Runs & Prototypes

Our technology allows for short runs that are economical with minimal set up times and consistent part quality. It is common for quality to slip during small runs but this is not the case when you utilize this state of the art equipment.


For more information about our ability to customize the production process to meet your specific needs, process please contact us directly.

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