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Laser Cutting

Fabcrest offers flexible manufacturing technology through laser processing.

At Fabcrest, we believe in investing in the most advanced technology that will allow us to offer the most value to our customers. Using the leading edge technology of Trumpf, we are able to produce any contour in thick and thin sheets with excellent part quality.

laser cutting

Some advantages of laser cutting at Fabcrest:

  • Fast, inexpensive prototyping - Laser cutting requires little or no hard tooling
  • Rapid Design Changes - Improved ability to perform rapid design changes
  • Strategic part part nesting on larger, 'non-standard 'sheet sizes, increases part yield and lowers the cost per part
  • With integrated automation, and 24 hours operation, you have cost effective laser cutting and quick turn around


We can process the widest range of material types and thicknesses - distortion free

  • Minimum material thickness .020"

  • Maximum material thickness
    .250" (1/4") mild steel,
    .375" (3/8") stainless,
    .3125: (5/16") aluminum

laser cutting


"Lights Out" Automation"

Our Trumpf Trulaser 2030 and the "Lights Out" Automation enhances our ability to service and deliver products to our customers. When you combine fast cutting speeds and 24 hour operation, you have maximum productivity and quick turn around. laser cutting


Reduce Costs When Cutting with Plain Air

Along with using the standard assist gasses Nitrogen and Oxygen, our technology affords us the ability to use plain air to get clean, good quality edges on mild steel, up to 14 ga.


Fabcrest Saves you Time and Money

Combine laser cutting to our full range of in house capabilities and you have another reason to turn to Fabcrest for all of your manufacturing needs.

Guaranteed Part Quality - Eliminate errors and returns.

Lower material and per part costs - made possible through manufacturing efficiencies and superior part nesting

With our Design to Delivery service, you have one point of contact and the convenience of dealing with a single, reliable source

Eliminate warehousing and storage costs - We offer Just in Time Production Support.


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