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Early on we saw that investing in automated technology and knowledgeable staff would allow us to create products that far surpassed our competition in terms of quality and consistency. This is most evident in the areas of Punching and Forming.

Video tour of our Forming Process and Equipment with Fabcrest Metal's Director of Operations,
Steven De Domenico.

The Process of Forming

With over 20 years of forming experience at Fabcrest, we’ve mastered the proven process of producing perfectly formed parts.

Continuity of Equipment - At Fabcrest, all of our equipment compliments each other, from punching to forming and so on throughout the production process. We developed this system for a simple reason - when you have parts that are perfectly punched, then perfectly formed, subsequent operations are easier to perform because you’ve maintained tight tolerances and high levels of quality control throughout the entire process. When all the parts finally come together - they fit perfectly.

Minimize Handling - We are able to take a flat part, pick it up once and put it down fully formed. This is because in one cycle we are able to do multiple bends, with different angles and lengths. This is a key step in maintaining consistency in long runs. By reducing the number of times a part has to be handled, we reduce labour as well as the opportunity for error on a per part basis.

Reduce Set-Up Times - Like all of our equipment, the programming for the forming machines is completed off line. This means we are able to call up a program, set up the tools and within minutes, the first part is completed.

Fully Automated Bending Machine - Like our automated punch, the new automated bending machine can run “lights out” - 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This means parts can now be formed overnight and shipped the next day. And like all automated processes, every bend is perfect, every time with unprecedented levels of accuracy.

For more information about our forming process, equipment and our capabilities, please contact us directly.

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