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Welding & Assembly

You might be thinking “Assembly”... but there’s so much more to it than just that.

“Just in Time” Production Support

Our customers may have originally come to us because of a glowing referral - but one of the many reasons they stay with us for years (even decades) is because of our “Just in Time” production support.

This process allows us to pre-anticipate our customers’ requirements and release parts only when needed.

For example, a client may place an order for 10,000 parts over a 12 month period, with monthly releases based on forecasted requirements. Rather than produce all 10,000 parts and force the client to store the surplus - we keep an inventory of parts at every stage of the production process and only assemble, finish and ship what the customer needs at any given time.

This is a great benefit for our customers, as they get the high volume price and only get invoiced when the parts are shipped. They don’t have to store complete products for months, they pay absolutely no holding and material fees, and our customers know their parts are only a phone call away.


Welding, PEM and Crimping

At Fabcrest we have ARC, MIG, TIG and spot welding services. We also do crimping and PEM insertion. But that in-itself is fairly average - at the very least every other company should provide the same services.

So what makes us special? At Fabcrest assembly is not an afterthought. Ensuring parts are easily assembled in a timely manner is top of mind as we’re designing, punching and forming parts. Every step leading to this point has to be carefully considered and executed to ensure the parts come together flawlessly during assembly - to create a perfect product.

So when we speak to our customers about welding, PEM and crimping, it is with the understanding that we are designing and creating the most efficient part possible which saves time and money in the assembly process.

For more information about our Welding & Assembly services please contact us directly.

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