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Founded in a little workshop in 1986 by Fabian De Domenico and his wife, Maria, Fabcrest quickly grew as one by one, the De Domenico children began helping out after school and on weekends.

The business was making headway - customers were happy with their work and the orders were coming in. If you drove by the workshop at 3am, it wasn’t uncommon to see the lights still on and cars in the parking lot. Demand was building; production timelines were becoming harder to fulfill, so something had to change.

As all the machinery in the shop was purchased used and some models were very old, in order to keep up with the growing demand for his services, Fabian needed to increase production capacity.

Armed with ingenuity and his engineering skills, he designed unique tooling and processes that dramatically increased the output of his old equipment. A multiple punching tool affixed to his punch press, produced a multitude of perforations with just one stroke. Bending machines were outfitted with customized tooling that would allow for multiple bends within one set up.

One customer had so much respect for Fabian’s ingenuity he loaned Fabcrest three machines so they could keep up with demand. Later, that same loyal customer helped finance a new machine so Fabcrest could become their exclusive parts manufacturer.

Fabian’s foresight and ingenuity helped guide the company from that small 6,000 square foot workshop they started in to the 50,000 square feet of space they have today. He also engineered and developed an internal powder coating line, the only one of its kind in existence, and heavily invested in the areas of automated punching and bending.

Though Fabcrest has come a long way from the day they opened the doors, their largest gain has been their ability to develop a loyal clientele, not experienced by many companies today.

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